How To Give Less Fucks About Social Media Algorithms

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Listen, I know we are taught that algorithms are important. I’m sure they can be but in my experience, they are there to help the rich get richer, leaving much to be desired for the little guy.

So, if you don’t want to buy followers and spend all of your energy focusing on how to beat the algorithms — you don’t have to. My suggestion is to lighten your load by giving less fucks.

Stop following most people (and stop feeling bad about it).

The number one thing I did was to unfollow almost everyone. If they weren’t a close friend who I actually wanted to keep in touch with or were a stranger who wasn’t genuinely inspiring me or teaching me something, I hit that ‘unfollow’ button.

There is too much comparison in the social media landscape. It isn’t helpful or kind to follow anyone who makes you feel less than. And, sometimes, that goes for people you know (and even those whom you like!). It is absolutely OK and encouraged to unfollow (or mute, if that makes you feel better about it) those who aren’t contributing to your well-being.

Social media is tough. It is draining. It can bring about complicated emotions. It can suck your soul. And that is the truth for everyone.

It is also important to remember that this is fluid. If you see a post that doesn’t make you feel good, unfollow that person. Don’t second guess it or feel bad. You can always re-evaluate how you feel at a later date. I’m certain they aren’t going anywhere.

This is your curated feed. It should be full of things that make your day better, not worse.

Stop posting what you think people want to see/hear (no one cares anyway).

This is a big one. And, sure, if you’re a business then this one can be difficult to unlearn. But, in my experience, everyone is more interested in what you truly do/think/want/need than what you think they want. The key is to keep a consistent brand voice but to stay true to you.

Consumers are smart. They can see right through the fake bullshit and I promise you that they will relate to your realness much, much more. Show them the behind-the-scenes of your brand. Tell them what you’ve been working on this week. It’s time to get real with your following.

They will appreciate your originality — and if they don’t, maybe they just aren’t the right audience for you. And, in that case, you don’t need them anyway.

Realize that the algorithms are there to make the cool kids cooler.

Algorithms are made to keep the big guys on top. If you are a little fish in a big sea, your efforts could go unnoticed no matter how many hours you spend trying to beat this. It is unfair, but social media is all about getting the big bigger, the rich richer and the small (unfortunately) smaller.

If you can afford a team of social media marketers, to buy followers and to spend many hours worrying about your social media growth, then by all means spend the money. But that isn’t how to give less fucks and it surely isn’t plausible for most.

Stop giving fucks about the numbers (I’m talking follows and likes).

Once I stopped looking at the figures and being true to who I was, my following started to grow. It’s slow and it still takes consistently with posting, but it is a sigh of relief to give up focusing on the numbers alone.

Remember, the algorithm decides who and how many will see your posts. It is out of your control in most ways. You can choose to fight it, or you can choose to go your own way.

One of the best things to come from caring less about this is that your likes, comments, shares, etc. will feel more genuine because you are being genuine. Your followers are there to digest what you give them and they actually want to be there. It is freedom in knowing that these people choose to see you and to know you or your brand. They haven’t been purchased or, worse, are bots.

Just do you.

The biggest freedom of them all. The most glorious result of giving less fucks about the social media algorithm is that you can just do you.

Post when you want to post (but still aim for that consistency). Share what you want to on other platforms. Express your actual feelings and opinions. Give your following a look into what really matters to you and your brand. Show them what you’re working on and how it is impacting your life.

It’s truly amazing what can happen when you stop worrying and decide to be yourself.

Sure, you might lose a few people (re-read the earlier point to unfollow anything that no longer serves you. That goes both ways.) and that is OK.

Isn’t it better to grow a following of like-minded people? People, who connect with you and your brand? People who have a genuine interest in what you’re doing and who you are and what you stand for?

The algorithm is like a bully that is constantly changing so that the little guy can’t keep up and continues to be knocked down. Fight against the bullying — stop giving the fucks. Bring some honest and original content to your social media feed. The people, your people, will thank you for it.

But, more importantly, you’ll thank yourself.



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